Age of Stupid

I spent a chilly few weeks in Poznan, Poland in December 2008, attending the 2008 UN climate change negotiations. I documented my time there in a blog you may find interesting. This blog can be found at As indicated in my blog, the talks themselves ended unsuccessfully. However, for me a source of hope emerged from my attending the conference. This hope came in the form of an amazingly powerful film. Featured in the following news clip from Poznan is an awesome new movie called The Age of Stupid, to be released around the world early in 2009. Here's an interview I gave after seeing the film for the first time.
I was so affected by the film that I arranged for 2 additional screenings at the UN conference. My feeling is that this film will create an immense wave of change in public perception of the climate crisis, and may result in pressure being brought to bear on governments around the world to agree to a strong climate treaty in 2009. Release for The Age of Stupid in the United Kingdom is scheduled for March 20. International release should occur some time in May. But there will also be a parallel release to the public by download over the Internet, probably in late May. The intention of the director and producer is for anyone anywhere te be able to host independent screenings of the film. Other than a small licensing fee for the download, there will be no further fees even if you choose to charge for your screening to cover expenses or even make a profit. That's right, you will be welcome to help bring this terrific film to any audience you wish. Please email me with the Contact link in the sidebar, or by emailing to contact @ (delete the spaces around @) if you are interested in further details. This will be the strongest thing you can do to save the climate future of the planet Earth in 2009.
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