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Welcome to the ClimateCorps, an encyclopedia with 281 pages of information, actions, video clips and inspiration designed to help you reduce the impact of ‘global warming’ and restore balance and sustainability to life on earth. The alphabetic and numeric links above are your online index to a growing body of background information and solutions to this imminent problem.

‘Sip’ these short pages slowly over time, and assimilate them deep into your awareness. Don’t try to devour them in the 2 minutes we often allot to websites, living in an age of information overload.

Check out the film The Age of Stupid, which is perhaps the strongest public motivator that has appeared since Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth got the ball rolling.

Now, there are countless websites on the Internet with the top 10, 33, 99 or 1000 things to do to stop global warming. We do not want to reinvent the wheel here. So we have in particular looked for, devised, and invented unusual ideas, and ones which affect the deep ecology of each person and society. But by all means review those top 10 lists which abound. And take them seriously. They are the low hanging fruit to be picked… the simple reminders of what must become second nature if we are to survive and flourish.

Here in the Climate Corps website we seek to change attitudes and habits at the highest and lowest levels. This is no simple task. Take your time. Please bookmark this site and spend a few minutes on each visit exploring further. Turn each suggestion over in your mind and imagine how you can integrate it into your life.

Information and ideas are of little use until and unless they are applied. We don’t ask for donations, but rather for your attention and participation. We offer our deep gratitude to our sponsors, and welcome inquiries in that department. But most of all, please join to become part of this force for positive change. We’ll stay in touch occassionally as new material is posted and occasional ‘action alerts’ are issued. There are no fees and contacts are never shared, sold, or bartered. On the other hand, please contact us if you’d like to edit and add content to this site. Tell friends, family and associates about us, and encourage them to join. Make this your first action as a ClimateCorps member. Spread the word.

Thank you for visiting, perhaps joining, and for your commitment to creating change.

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